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Restaurant & Weinstube Le Médoc

French Restaurant in the heart of Stuttgart

Our French neighbors used to say “L’appétit vient en mangeant”, which means the appetite comes with the eating.  We are looking forward to your visit!

The name is given after the Celts who lived in the north of Bordeaux long time ago. “Land of the Medulli” was the origin name and changed after time to “Medullicus” and finally to Médoc, a famous wine region in France today. This part of Bordeaux belongs to one of the oldest wine regions in general.

Bienvenue au bar à vin Le MEDOC!

Food & Beverage at Le Médoc

“Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.” (Georges Auguste Escoffier, 1846 – 1935)

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Our Wines

The Médoc has had a long history of making very full-bodied red wines with high tannins, low acidity, and medium to high alcohol levels: in other words, the classic Bordeaux blend. While red Bordeaux can be thought of as wine from St-Émilion, Pomerol, or Graves, the Médoc is still considered the quintessential Bordeaux.

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Le Médoc Summer Terrace

In the summer season, we serve our delicacies at out Terrace. Almost like in France.